Safety Third
Helmet Bundle


Safety third is a fun motto to live by until you have a concussion and have to take time off of climbing.

Take advantage of our incredible bundle sale and keep getting after it on the rock out there.

Hurry! This is a limited time sale.

Singing Rock’s Penta helmet

One size fits all with this adjustable and comfortable helmet! It is impressively lightweight- coming in at only 205 grams. It is well ventilated, has headlamp clips that attach to any headlamp, and boasts a removable inside lining that can be washed (if you’re into that sort of thing- staying clean).

Butora Climbing Socks

Designed with performance in mind, these socks are comfortable and odor reducing. The odor prevention alone makes them a must-have when you have to put “real people” shoes back on after a long day of climbing. Save your partner and your dog from the stank that is climber’s feet.

Klif Mag

Get inspired in your adventures as well as psyched on new gear and tech as you read and follow our journey in your very own Klif Mag!


Experience epic adventures from the safety of your couch and get motivated to plan your own mountain feat.

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