Injuries come with the territory of sports, especially climbing. It’s an unfortunate side effect of pushing your limits, that sometimes you fall. The strength comes in getting back up and trying again. The stories come from the ridiculous moments in between. Whether you’re resting a torn pulley or injured hip, here are some guidelines to make the most of your time on the ground.

Step one: find an adventure partner that can go your pace, keep you psyched, and open-minded. It helps if you are into the same sort of podcasts.

Step two: know your limits and plan accordingly. You don’t want to make your recovery time any longer, but there are still a plethora of activities out there. It could be as simple as a day geocaching around your town or as much as a canyoneering trip that is not too technical.

Step three: get costumes at a thrift store. It adds to the excitement and is cheaper than fancy hiking gear. Go with whatever your comfort zone is, even if it’s just a funny hat. Embracing the ridiculousness of it all can take your mind off the adventure being an injury backup plan.

Step four: tuneage. Good music on a drive of any length is some sort of cheap therapy that does wonders. Enjoy the road trip on your way to the destination.

Step five: laugh. This one can be easier said than done. It is extremely frustrating to be physically limited and in pain. Even if you set yourself up for a nice outing, there will be moments where you feel weak or sore and just done. Put extra emphasis on laughing during the good moments to keep you distracted and appreciatin the experience as much as you can.

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