Right in between Innsbruck and Venezia you can find the Dolomites, which are undoubtedly some of the most beautiful mountains in the world.

The video below shows the ascent of an extremely difficult line of South Tyrol: “Lo Spreco”. It’s an intense athletic and technical sport climbing route in Pian Schiavaneis, marked at 8c+. After one shooting day at -16° C, this was the result.

Günther Karbon, climber, and professional electrician

During the day, the guy in the video in the tank top, Günter Karbon, works full time as an electrician. Outside of his job, he is incredible climber competing and winning cups in national competitions for lead. He never had a lot of support but just kept living his passion, kept training hard during his free time by himself, and more than anything: he never gave up. This video is about the achievement of years of training. The intent is to show you that anything is possible, whoever you are, whatever you do, you have to keep training and celebrating each progress, and overall, keep living your passion.

Filip Schenk, high school student & world champion

On the other hand, we have Filip Schenk, an Italian newcomer. At a young age, he fell in love with climbing. Last year, he won the Youth Boulder World Cup at Innsbruck and became World Champion at only 17 years-old. Later he climbed his first 9a and got invited to the Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires. The beauty of that? Filip didn’t abandon his studies and is still going to high school. Well done bro!

Lo Spreco

Felix Rier, who sent us the video explains: “The Video shows a spectacular landscape in one of the oldest crags of the Dolomites. Günther and Filip were one of the few who sent the route and we all agreed that we need to make a short video. During the Christmas Holidays, the conditions were perfect and we spent that day at -16° C at the crag (it sounds worse than it is). It is a perfect winter spot. You are surrounded by the Dolomites full of snow, while your climbing in the sun.”

We hope you’ll like it