Hi there Climbing Looovers and warm greetings from a cold, damp day in Bristol in the UK!

So have you ever used a boat as a belay?! Well here is a recent short film I made about fellow climber and accomplished sailor, Captain Bob Watson, who had this long held dream to combine his two great passions of climbing and sailing to "belay from the boat" on one of the UK's greatest HVS rock climbs called "Moonraker"at The Old Redoubt, Berry Head near Brixham. Moonraker is one of the great climbs of the South West of England with a stunning line, superb atmosphere, spectacular positions and steep, intimidating climbing on big holds.

In the words of the Captain himself, this ambition had "been in gestation for about 25 years to sail in, do the route, abseil down, back into the boat and then off we go". And so this long planned "sailing meets climbing" escapade finally came to fruition last September when the stars aligned themselves, the weather forecast looked great, the bird ban had ceased, the light winds were blowing in the right direction for the boat and England lost at egg chasing in the Rugby World Cup. So my buddies and I found ourselves stood on St Mary's Beach near Brixham on Saturday 26th September at 7.30 am ready to be whisked away by the Captain in his fantastic boat, the inimitable MS Erin... 

Anyway the entertainment was duly recorded so if interested in viewing a short video featuring the lovely Erin, a bit of brain-melting exposure plus some aerial drone footage and of course to see if Cap'n Bob fulfilled his long held dream then this is the story of our day...

You cannot fail to notice there is a bit of a "theme" in the video what with the climb being called Moonraker, my mate and I being landlubbers and ending up "shaken not stirred" due to a wee bit of sea sickness and a few "Bob girls" in the opening and end credits... ;-)

Anyway all constructive feedback welcome, please feel free to share and hopefully it will inspire a few of you guys and gals to visit Berry Head and climb on one of the great classic climbs of the South West!

Cheers and happy climbing! :-)