What about a joyride in the mountain to spend a full climbing week-end? Let’s keep you busy with a van conversion to fully enjoy the outdoors, in comfortable conditions!

Keep it tidy: fix hooks on plywood boards

Try to keep your climbing gear and ropes tidy if not you’ll become crazy in such a small space, and probably mad at your climbing partner!

Install rotative seats

It’s not because you’re in the van that you don’t have to keep your comfort and stay classy. Rotative seats is THE way to ensure an open space and transform your van in an awesome living room.

Use every tiny corner

Add sliding table, hidden draws, foldable shelf, under the bed, on the roof, on the wall… everywhere! A foldable shelf on the top of you head when you’re lay down the bed with two thin strings, under you bed, in the door of the truck… every little corner is an opportunity to make a small table or a storage.

Build an Italian shower

Buy a cheap shower head to embed in a shelf. Cust a plywood board according to your door & shower head dimensions and fix it with steel brakets.

Connect this installation to a high-pressure water pump (for example 12V, 4L), and clean yourself! You also can add a foot pedal to control the flow and limit the wastes of water.

Keep training

Use the interior or the exterior to fix a board and keep training even when travelling!

Let's go!

Can't wait to see your pictures/videos of van conversion !!